Geert-Jan Mulder, MD

Managing Partner

Geert-Jan Mulder MD, co-founding partner of Forbion, is an experienced life sciences investor who led multiple deals in both Europe and the US.

Geert-Jan is a Managing Partner and has a leading role in the Investment Team and the Portfolio. Geert-Jan currently serves on the boards of Promedior (closed an option deal with Bristol-Myers Squibb for a total deal value of up to USD 1.25 billion), AM-Pharma (closed an option deal with Pfizer for a total deal value of up to USD 600 million), Exosome, Sanifit, NeRRe and KaNDy. In addition to his portfolio management activities, Geert-Jan closely works with management teams of various Forbion portfolio companies on clinical development strategies and regulatory matters, such as IND/ NDA filings, Special Protocol Approval (SPA), and US / EU Orphan designations for several products.

Geert-Jan is an experienced life sciences investor who led the firm’s successful investments and served on the boards (sometimes also in an executive capacity) of portfolio companies bluebird bio, ( IPO on Nasdaq 2013), Acorda (IPO on Nasdaq 2006), PanGenetics (sold to Abbott in 2009) and Transave (reverse-merged with Insmed, listed on Nasdaq in 2010).

Before co-founding Forbion, Geert-Jan was an Investment Director at ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences since 2001. Before that, at Byk Gulden (now Takeda) he served as a Clinical Research Manager, where his group was responsible for design and execution of early and late stage clinical trials forming the basis for two global product registrations: Daxas® and Alvesco® in fields of COPD and asthma. For both products he was a member of the Global Medical Marketing group. Before Byk, Geert-Jan was Medical Adviser at Searle (now Pfizer) in the field of Arthritis & Pain, being involved in the clinical development of Celebrex® and its European Advocate Development.

Geert-Jan received his Medical Degree from the University of Utrecht (NL), spent two years of residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Medical Centre of Utrecht and is a certified Pharmaceutical Physician.

Geert-Jan Mulder
"Art and Science have always driven innovation and translation of socially relevant ideas, both provide a framework for investing with high-value impact."