Marco Boorsma, PhD

General Partner

Marco is General Partner at Forbion and joined the team in 2007.

Marco is General Partner and has a key role in the investment team with focus on biopharma and a special interest to bring his background in molecular biology, operational and business development experience from both small and large businesses to the portfolio. He currently serves on the boards of Prexton and EnGene and is observer to the board of Exosome and Oxyrane.

Marco was instrumental in the start-up of Dezima and served on its Board until Dezima was sold to Amgen for up to USD1.5Bn in 2015. Marco also served on the Board of Akarna (sold to Allergan for up to USD 1Bn in 2016).

Before joining Forbion in 2007, Marco was Business Development Director at DSM Pharmaceutical Products, responsible for out-licensing of biomanufacturing technologies and securing and managing contract manufacturing projects. Prior to that Marco was a project manager and scientist responsible for process development and cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. While at Cytos Biotechnology (Switzerland) Marco developed manufacturing processes for high-value biosimilar proteins.

Marco has a master’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Groningen and received his PhD in biotechnology from the ETH Institute for Technology in Zürich, Switzerland for his work on virus-based gene expression systems, partly in collaboration with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Medical Research Counsil in Cambridge, UK.

Marco Boorsma
"My favored ingredients to produce an extraordinary and successful innovative business? Optimal dosing of talent, entrepreneurship, and hard work."