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Rogier Rooswinkel, PhD

Rogier is Principal at the Naarden office and joined Forbion in 2013.

Rogier has a background in Medical Sciences, and in 2008 finished a Master of Oncology at the Free University in Amsterdam. In that period he also started an IT company. In the beginning of 2013 he received his PhD degree Cum Laude from the University of Amsterdam for the work he performed at the Netherlands Cancer institute in the groups of Prof. Dr. Jannie Borst and Prof. Dr. Marcel Verheij. In this period, he studied the mechanism of action of novel small molecule Bcl-2 inhibitors, their role in apoptosis induction and their applicability to reduce chemo-and radiotherapy resistance in hematological malignancies. He further (co)-authored multiple papers on drug metabolism and transport. At Forbion, Rogier is involved with the scientific and business evaluation of opportunities, with a main focus on oncology.

Rogier Rooswinkel
"It always starts with good science, but only exits with good management."