Vincent van Houten, MSc


Vincent van Houten is Chief Financial Officer and General Partner of Forbion..

Since the start of his employment at Forbion in 2007, Vincent has played an active role in setting up and maintaining the Forbion investment funds. Vincent holds a Master’s degree in financial management from the University of Amsterdam and has a finance and accounting background.
Vincent is responsible for the overall Financial and Fiscal matters of the Forbion group. He is part of the Investment Team and assists on financial topics related to the portfolio. In some cases he is or has been CFO of Forbion portfolio companies, i.e. Staten Biotechnology B.V., NorthSea Therapeutics B.V. as well as Dezima Pharma B.V. where he played an active role in the sale of Dezima to Amgen in 2015. He started his career at ATC Corporate Services (now Intertrust).