Kapil Dhingra, PhD


Dr. Dhingra advises Forbion on opportunities in the oncology space. His vast network within the Pharma industry is a key asset to the Forbion portfolio companies that he is involved with.

Dr. Kapil Dhingra is a medical oncologist and a physician-scientist. He is the founder of KAPital Consulting, LLC, a consulting company dedicated to assisting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies realize the full promise of scientific, clinical and commercial advances in oncology. He received his medical training at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, followed by an Internal Medicine Residency at Lincoln Medical Center, New York, NY and a Hematology-Oncology fellowship at Emory University, Atlanta, GA. In 1989, he joined the faculty of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas where he pursued laboratory and clinical cancer research, in addition to his direct patient care responsibilities. Dr. Dhingra joined Eli Lilly and Company in 1996 as Clinical Research Physician. He joined Roche in 1999 and was promoted, in 2002, to Vice President, Oncology. He played a key role in the dramatic expansion of Roche oncology enterprise leading to Roche becoming the global leader in oncology. In 2007, he was appointed Leader, Disease Biology Leadership Team, within Roche’s R&D model. Dr. Dhingra holds several Board positions including at Forbion’s portfolio company Exosome Diagnostics. He previously served on the Board of BioVex and Micromet.

Kapil Dhingra