Bonnie van Wilgenburg, PhD


Bonnie van Wilgenburg joined Forbion in October 2017

Prior to that she worked as an academic scientist publishing 6 first-author papers in the fields of immunology, stem cells and virology.

As a Marie-Curie fellow and recipient of the Royal Society travel grant she investigated the role of innate T-cells in response to viral infections in the laboratories of Prof. Klenerman (University of Oxford) and Prof. McCluskey (University of Melbourne).

In 2012 Bonnie obtained her DPhil from the University of Oxford under supervision of Dr. Cowley and Prof. James. She investigated interactions between HIV-1 and the host, using stem cell technologies and genetic manipulation.

Bonnie received a BSc in Liberal Arts & Sciences Summa Cum Laude from University College Roosevelt (the international honours college of Utrecht University) and spent one semester on exchange at U.C. San Diego.