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Bart Bergstein, MSc

Bart is Senior Advisor. He founded ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences in 2000 and co-founded Forbion Capital Partners in 2006.

Bart started his career in 1990 with ABN AMRO Bank, where he enjoyed an international career in commercial banking. In 1997 he joined the ABN AMRO Private Equity department where he led the first investments in life sciences. Subsequently he set up the ABN AMRO Life Sciences Team. He headed this team from 2000 till 2006 when it spun out forming Forbion Capital Partners. Bart was on the Board of a number of companies like Rhein Biotech (IPO 1999) and Ubisys, an antibody company that later merged with Introgene into Crucell (IPO 2000). Bart holds a degree in Construction Engineering from Eindhoven Technical University.

Bart Bergstein
Senior Advisor
"The beauty of this industry is that success is often both financial success and success for humanity."