Hookipa Biotech

Developing a new generation of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines

Hookipa develops a new generation of vaccines that target diseases for which vaccination is not effective to date. It has developed the The Vaxwave™ technology, a platform based on replication-defective viral vectors. The platform has become recognized as one of the most promising new strategies for next generation vaccines due to its unique strength for stimulating both potent B cell and T cell immune responses. Vaxwave™ has been validated in various disease models and showed excellent Cytomegalovirus-specific humoral and cellular immunogenicity in a phase I/II study. The company also is developing an arenavirus-based immunotherapeutic platform for cancer treatment named Thera-T. This technology has been shown to induce potent humoral as well as CD8+ lymphocyte-mediated anti-tumor activity in a wide range of preclinical models. Thera-T is now in late preclinical development.

  • CEO Jörn Aldag
  • Industry Biotech