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    Empowering entrepreneurs to foster healthcare innovation
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    Working closely with scientists, entrepreneurs and academic institutions
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    A collaborative approach to reviewing transactions that leverage our combined expertise
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    Any ground-breaking idea needs the right recipe to become a commercial winner

Our Focus

Forbion is a leading venture capital firm that works closely with entrepreneurs to build life sciences companies that transform people’s lives.

True innovation is to create precedent rather than follow it

Our People

Our team takes a collaborative approach to reviewing transactions that leverage operational and management expertise.

  • Mathias Falcenberg

    Mathias Falcenberg, PhD


    Mathias is Associate and is located in the Munich Office where he supports the evaluation of investment opportunities and due diligence processes.

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  • Rogier Rooswinkel

    Rogier Rooswinkel, PhD


    Rogier is Principal at the Naarden office and joined Forbion in 2013.

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  • Cyril Lesser

    Cyril Lesser, MSc

    Senior Controller

    Cyril joined Forbion in October 2009 as Controller.

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  • Martien van Osch

    Martien van Osch, MSc

    Managing Partner

    Martien is a founding partner at Forbion Capital Partners.

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  • Robbert van de Griendt

    Robbert van de Griendt, MSc

    Head of Investor Relations, ESG & Impact

    Robbert is Head of Investor Relations, ESG & Impact

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  • Sander Slootweg

    Sander Slootweg, MSc

    Managing Partner

    Sander is Managing Partner and co-founded ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences in 2000 and Forbion Capital Partners in 2006.

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  • Philip Astley-Sparke

    Philip Astley-Sparke, FSA

    Venture Partner

    Philip Astley-Sparke is the former President and CEO of BioVex Group Inc. / Limited.

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  • Marco Boorsma

    Marco Boorsma, PhD

    General Partner

    Marco is General Partner at Forbion and joined the team in 2007.

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  • Sander van Deventer

    Sander van Deventer, MD PhD

    Operating Partner

    Sander van Deventer has had a critical role in the development of the first commercial monoclonal antibody and the first gene therapy to be granted market authorization in the Western world.

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  • Dirk Kersten

    Dirk Kersten

    General Partner

    Dirk is General Partner at Forbion and joined the team in 2018.

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  • Geert-Jan Mulder

    Geert-Jan Mulder, MD

    Managing Partner

    Geert-Jan Mulder MD, co-founding partner of Forbion, is an experienced life sciences investor who led multiple deals in both Europe and the US.

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  • Holger Reithinger

    Holger Reithinger, PhD

    General Partner

    Holger joined Forbion in 2010, heading the Munich office.

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  • Vincent van Houten

    Vincent van Houten, MSc


    Vincent van Houten joined Forbion in 2007 and as of January 2016 is Chief Financial Officer of Forbion Capital Partners.

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